the silence before gunfire (augustbird) wrote in emptyaddress,
the silence before gunfire

[mix] the pacific - and found (companion)

This mix is a companion to and found, my exchange fic for rivlee. I picked the order of the songs to somewhat mirror the progression of Andrew's mindset/the events in the fic. Seeing as and found is really different from how AA/H is usually portrayed, I strongly suggest reading the fic to make sense of this mix.

01. xibalba clint mansell


02. erla's waltz olafur arnalds


03. exile vilify the national

have you given up?
does it feel like a trial?
does it trouble your mind
the way you trouble mine?

04. bloodstream stateless

i think i might've inhaled you
i could feel you behind my eyes
you've gotten into my bloodstream
i could feel you floating in me

05. the tide pulls from the moon william fitzsimmons

you hide your
filthy hands from all of us
still unseen and tied
what water
these killing hands could ever clean
still you run

06. hide and seek imogen heap

mm what'cha say?
mm that it's all for the best
of course it is
mm what'cha say?
mm that it's just what we need
you decided this?

07. i gave you all mumford & sons

close my eyes for a while
force from the world a patient smile

08. the escape martin todsharow


09. baleen morning balmorhea


10. short trip home edgar meyer et al


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Tags: (fandom) the pacific, (pairing) ack ack/hillbilly, [mix] the pacific, [verse - the pacific] found
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